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Tasting NY Episode 5 | Richies Pizza | Deer Park, NY

This week me travel to Deer Park, NY in search of real authentic NY pizza because everyone knows NY pizza is the best in the world. Established in 2009, Richie’s Pizza of Deer Park has quickly become one of the most well respected pizzerias in Deer Park. All items on our menu are made to order beginning with using the finest quality ingredients available to us. We are different in that we offer restaurant quality food at a pizzeria! Whether dining in, taking out or us delivering, you can be confident we will bring good quality food to your table. Once you have experienced Richie’s Pizza, you will quickly taste and see the result of our passion. Let us delight & satisfy you at Richie’s Pizza.

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welcome back to tasting New York

I'm Matt From EPM Studios and we're here for episode number five of tasting New York the pizza wars and let me tell you this is the coldest day of the year here on the Long Island New York and what better place to be on a very cold winter day than inside a pizza place and we're going to be in there right now [Music] [Applause] we're here with Teresa who is the daughter of Richie the famous original Richie who's from Richie's Pizza and it's lunchtime and she's very busy and we're interrupting her so we're going to get quick to the question what makes New York Pizza better than any pizza in the country

products anywhere but you really can't get the dough right anywhere but New York how long have you been in the pizza 14 years 14 years you grew up in the pink division okay 15 when he opened it wow yeah um how many different kinds of pizzas do you use therapy this is probably about 20 we're probably like 40 options what what is the most popular buffalo chicken regular with the Sesame crust chipotle chicken maybe chicken Parma vodka sauce did anybody ever call with a topping that so far out there that or things they want on Pizza that was just upstairs Apple in my opinion is a little weird but a lot of people like it anchovies again some people like it I know and what makes Richie's Pizza the best pizza in the Earth

um we use the best ingredients the Grande Cheese I won't say the rest but best tomato soup sauce is it safe to say that during the daytime is your clientele is mostly business from the business morning definitely yeah but we still get some house deliveries and stuff at night it turns primarily residential but in the morning we have the industrial area park so be a lot of business deliveries a lot of big orders catering

hey we're here inside Richie's Pizza now and I'm with Richard Mai who is a world-class videographer video editor content producer and Rich and I work together and uh rich is a New Yorker and knows New York Pizza a little bit from his perspective how are you today Rich I'm great how about you man I'm good were you born uh and raised on Long Island yeah I was born in Ronkonkoma and I live near the lake for a while and I've just been having New York Pizza all my life we're here in Deer Park today trying out Richie's Pizza which I'm really excited to try out New York is and Long Island is a very odd in that North Shore and South Shore of Long Island are very diverse and very different cultures and the South Shore of Long Island is kind of like Brooklyn Queens and a lot of pizza places North Shore is a little different Lake Ronkonkoma the area that you grew up in is right in the middle of that can you tell the difference I could definitely tell the difference yeah especially with the quality of ingredients that they use the way that they make the dough in uh Ronkonkoma their Pizza is kind of like a New York style Neapolitan thin crust very crispy not too sweet on the sauce but just a hint of sugar and it's just really good it's my favorite thing to eat very cool now we have have a variety of Richie pizzas here I got traditional pepperoni we have vodka sauce in the Square pie you got calamari and what else is on the calamari I think it's just a calamari one it looked different Richie's Pizza has so many different toppings that I just didn't even know what to try so I wanted to try something I've never had before so I'm trying this uh kind of like Asian inspired calamari Pizza I have a spinach and alfredo sauce and we're also going to be trying out their famous garlic knots which are covered in butter and oil we have the regular garlic knots over here and the buffalo chicken garlic knots over here you handle that like a true professional describing the Delicacies that were yeah it looks incredible


[Music] let's give this stuff a try now I don't a couple of years ago there was a big uh brouhaha about a certain politician who was running for president who was eating his pizza with a knife and a fork I think that was John Casey's but it caused a big people from New York would never eat people absolutely not at least no you can't you can't get caught dead doing that the way I do it it's the old yeah do you hold it up yeah same yeah you know what I'm gonna go out and start out with America don't even bother with the full they eat it flat out like it's very weird because their Pizza is like really thick and unflavorful it's it's weird there's nothing like a New York Pizza and we've traveled around the country I've been to Florida California New Jersey um the only places I've really been is suffer School my choir used to tour and we would go to different Awards and events so I went to Disney in California and Florida and I go to New Jersey a lot because I love Six Flags both places have decent Pizza clouds yeah and compared to New York because they they have a lot of eggplanted new New Yorkers or yeah right but it's not the same as like being in Oklahoma did you have an opportunity to try Pizza in Orlando and yeah I um when I was in Orlando I actually I tried Cece's Pizza it's that chain where they don't even have it up here in New York but it's uh kind of like an all you can eat place where they have uh tons of variety in terms of toppings on slices and I remember when I went I was like eight years old and it was like six dollars for all you can eat pizza there wow yeah wow yeah I think they've changed quite a bit I remember a pizza truck when I was in I lived in Orlando when I went to high school and they had uh dough on wheels or something like and basically like an ice cream truck would be here in New York it was a pizza truck and yeah but it was terrible so they play like a little jingle as it yeah down the street yeah a little Mamma Mia anyway the pepperoni is very good I want to move on and try some of the vodka sauce yeah I'm excited to try that I saw um on their Yelp reviews this is one of the best selling slices from here they're vodka Pizza [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I'm gonna try a little bit of the Vodka yeah I need to try this too I've never had vodka sauce Pizza I'm a I'm a traditional guy I'm usually a scaredy cat I stick to a you know plain Sicilian with pepperoni but that that's as bold as I get this is this is different for me

that's very good

very good very different the sauce very creamy has a depth of flavor you could tell they use good tomatoes here it's a perfect amount of cheese it's not too much not too little it's not dripping or anything this is a great slice if you're a fan of uh panea vodka you're going to wanna you're gonna love this pizza because it's bad this vodka sauce is really really impressed with you yeah I saw them earlier making all of their pasta dishes in the back and it wasn't saying they had like four burners going on different things ingredients they really work hard here at Richie's they had like the whole thing ready to go everyone waiting for lunch it was just it's great you got a little no I do because that sauce is that good okay that's when you know you got good pizza you're making them up with it you're you're in the right uh yeah this is our study find pizza motivates employees more than cash monitors a forthcoming book by behavioral Economist Dan ariely details his experiments which led him to conclude that employees are more motivated by Pizza than cash bonuses another study concluded that people are stupid take the cash buy your own pizza this episode is brought to you by Clean Em Up residential and office cleaning services finding trusted cleaners that are carefully vetted for you providing the highest standard in cleaning at the best price possible our staff is experienced and professional dedicated and reliable your trust and security are our priority we're mobile friendly and booking is easy we are a Long Island's best cleaning service call

631-467-3148 or visit today so do you want to try the calamari before we wrap this up oh yeah this looks really insane it looks like yeah there's calamari on top fried herbs I'm excited onions too no

um that is really good I never would see calamari on pizza but I know that a lot of Italian restaurants serve fried calamari as an appetizer and it is the perfect combination it's Chris it's a little sweet it has some seafood Umami to it it pairs really good with the cheese this is actually crazy toppings can be pretty controversial and there are some toppings that will start an argument pineapple is one uh cauliflower is another feel free to leave a comment in this section about toppings that you like or may find uh that you hate and don't want to see on B5 when we both love to hear from you now what about these knots we have garlic that traditional dog not here what's the difference between this one is the buffalo chicken garlic as well so I think they brush some kind of sauce on it on top not really sure but we're gonna find out so I think we'll start off with the regular one drenched in butter very garlic that is very good crazy room dripping with butter oh my goodness that's insane [Music] to caveat with these are you can't talk to anybody up close for about two weeks after it's worth it

no very good I'm not going to try the Buffalo I'm scared super soft the the amount of sauce is just ridiculous you don't need that but it's good I'm loving it right you're going to try that aren't you yeah let's try one of the Buffalo ones

do I have to no [Music]

it's like surprisingly good at first I didn't think I was gonna like it but the sauce isn't too spicy where it competes with the garlic flavor it's mostly garlic and you just get a hint of this Savory Spice it's pretty good but I would say I do prefer the original because that just hasn't happened a garlic thank you for watching again and looking forward to seeing you on another edition of paper bye for now attention New York restaurant owners and managers see your restaurant featured on the most exciting new food blog and restaurant review show take advantage of this great free publicity and be seen by thousands of restaurateurs and Foodies in the New York metro area reach more potential customers and attract new loyal patrons at no cost make a huge impact on potential customers get the most powerful marketing for your restaurant that you can imagine absolutely free don't delay call today 631-319-3824


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