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Tasting NY Episode 3 | The Chop Shop | Smithtown, NY

This week we visit The Chop Shop, in Smithtown, NY. Located on Main Street in the heart of Smithtown, Chop Shop is one of the newest restaurants to arrive on the North Shore. The restaurant’s interior is accented with brick, hardwood flooring, large retro lamp fixtures, and a unique hand painted mural. Chop Shop is stylishly furnished with a professionally run bar. Chop Shop is the perfect place for casual dining and special occasions, as well as corporate gatherings. Begin your dining experience with a drink selection from our extensive wine list, which offers a variety of great selections, or choose from our exclusive martini menu. Chop Shop’s menu specializes in a variety of sizzling steaks, fresh local seafood, exceptional pasta dishes, seasonal specials and delectable house made desserts. This week's guest is realtor Paul Musso, Paul Musso is a true visionary leader in the real estate world. His guidance has led many disenchanted and embittered realtors to push forward and achieve a level of success they never imagined. Awards such as the International Presidents Elite have proven that his style is working for him. In Paul's Career, Paul has sold over $500 MILLION DOLLARS of Real Estate! Paul was also recently awarded the grand honor of being the #1 Overall Real Estate Agent in Realty Connect USA in 2019 calendar year. This was the first time he received this honor, and with his team growing to the largest it has been since he started building his team, the best is yet to come!

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what a gem I'd probably eat here about three times a week so wow it's delicious right how did that happen but first of all money comes easy impact is so important

welcome back to Tasty New York today we are at Chop Shop which is located on the North Shore of Long Island in Smithtown

[Music] most known for their delicious skirt steaks and their Gourmet desserts I am confident that Chop Chop regulars will agree when I say you will not be disappointed speaking of chop shop regulars today I'm meeting up with Paul Musso a real estate agent with Realty connect USA but before we learn more about Paul let's meet up with the rest of the staff

[Music] my name is Jose I've been here for 13 years I started working here in 2009 I just thought as a busboy after a year they promoted to be a forerunner and then I work as a food owner for two years and then I become a server throughout the years I learned how to be confident of myself like talking to people because my customers very important for me and as a server I love to take care of people I love to make people happy and always with a smile environment is like family style we have very good drinks good food and the atmosphere is great Fable I ring in the menus the skirt steak which is very good the potato has they marinated the creme brulee is great I like the caramelized sugar on top it's still so crispy and it's delicious I will recommend that for everyone

[Music] awesome so this food is looking delicious and what do you have over there I got some fancy soup for today soup of the day it's delicious right seafood chowder right yes yes okay and I am actually going to be trying the skirt steak because I heard it was like delicious

and it comes with some garlic mash and I have my vegetables so I'm excited good stuff yeah delicious guys delicious so let's get into this food but also let's get into knowing more about you but first of all well before we get to that how did you find out about this spot yes so I've been around Smithtown a long time I frequented this place for years and I took a little bit of sabbatical and then uh about a year and a half two years ago I actually met the owner young gentleman 27 year 28 years old he I think he purchased the place about four or five years ago okay he came here as a kid and he's that beautiful like a typical like beautiful immigrant story and a kid comes to the country got an opportunity to come to to um run this location and with him and his uncle and uh five years later they've reestablished a chop shop and the food's delish and I frequently I probably eat here about three times a week so wow this is like my little Haven it's perfect the food the food's delicious and he actually told me Aaron right yep he actually told me that you were one of his best friends yeah so I'm wondering about

that we started uh I came here one day and we just I just started uh I didn't know who he was and we just had a good conversation and I'm uh I have a soft spot my both my parents were immigrants in this country so when I hear stories of people that migrate to this country and didn't know the language and didn't know anybody when he got here he was a kid he left his country as like my father did and my father came here didn't know a soul and um he started an opportunity for himself and he got involved in his restaurant and we met here one day and uh it's been about a good year now year and a half and we traded the gym together and so he's a good kid he's got a good heart he just got done recently doing a great event here that we uh did for some local children okay and he donated his facility for the night and it's just been it's been a good he's just got a good heart he's great for the community and I consider him one of my best friends you mentioned that your parents were also immigrants yes but tell me more about like European where are you from so um yeah Mom and Dad Mom and Dad migrated immigrated to this country Going Back in 1970 both Italian um and uh you know it's a typical story where they didn't know anybody my dad didn't know his soul and I had great stories of my father how he has to walk to work no car no nothing took the bus and I grew up in Brooklyn um I went to school in Brooklyn and then from Brooklyn I came out when I was 15. so when I hit the school district here in Long Island I was 15 16. yeah it was a little bit of culture shock it wasn't uh you know a kid coming out of Brooklyn coming to Long Island is um it's a little bit it was a little comfortable you know and I I run at a different speed coming from the city yeah and it was a lot snowy here I believe the people I friended when I came here from from Brooklyn kept me uh kept me out of trouble so we leave High School what June just about yeah so I was 17 and um I was in a position where I made it the big decision to go to the military so I graduated high school and I on my 18th birthday I entered into the United States Army and I left I did my boot camp and I spent time in Fort Leonard Wood and so it was a it was a good six years and it's one of those things that I believe that I wish everybody would do and the military as one was you know Uncharted conversations at times but yeah our country gives us a great opportunity in this country too my parents create opportunity yeah this country the majority of people that come to a great opportunity so yeah it was a way I you know I had family who go past military so it was something that was close to my heart you know I'm happy I did it well thank you for your service yes that's really cool to find out I would have never guessed that about you thank you would you say that kind of like shaped your life from there just getting that discipline and getting that selflessness I would say to kind of like really get serious about your life after that point and and work it into something that not only serves yourself but other people as well when you enter the military um it's all about the person next to you yeah that's nothing about you yeah and um growing up from a tight tight very tight straight to tight household it's you know I'm up at 4 4 30 without a clock and I'm at the gym at 5 36 and you know I keep a real tight structure into my life because that's what I like it's what it's how I was born my father brought me up that way in the military problem yeah so it's the first thing that you do when you get up is make your bed I

you know what there's probably a really there's a couple of great videos out there that talk about making making that bed yeah I firmly believe I believe if if you make your bed every day um it is true so one thing you do get done and lead you to the opportunity of building on that right and come home at night yeah my my opinion there's nothing better than taking down the pillows I'm doing that thing yeah they're talking yeah and it's also just a really good habit to have and it does set the tone for the rest of the day completely and for your life

now I want to kind of shift into talking about your real estate career because to do what you do I can only imagine how much discipline it takes and how much self-motivation it takes to get up and do it every single day without somebody telling you this is what you need to do you know what I'm saying good point so um yeah share a little bit about your your journey with real estate so when I'm going on my 23rd year um and I got into the business uh solely I was in a position where I was with family who was buying and selling real estate that's how I started I just I love the process of it I love the opportunity of meeting different people and 23 years and almost 2 000 units later I've met some amazing people a lot of people have became real close friends of me and my family so people I can tell you you know for probably over 12 15 years specifically yeah it's a great feeling when you are able to know somebody attain their goals yeah and that kind of helped me get from just doing regular residential real estate to development work and grow from there but um I think the biggest thing that's helped me is that I made it about an opportunity to help somebody yeah and I believe when you focused on the other person you know yeah you do it to make a living for your family I hate money comes easy when you focus on what needs to get done right and they've always do it for myself I try to when I try to have my team believe in that process well let's focus on the customer the client and everything else will follow just like me meeting this gentleman here yeah you know you focus on somebody else and typically yeah

so can you tell us a little bit more about Smithtown I did my research and I kind of found a couple of cool fun facts but I feel like you're a native here so well not a native but you spend a lot of time here yeah so um yeah do you know like some more stuff that we can learn so you have uh you have uh it's Midtown town is is comprised of six different hamlets um we have three villages and ultimately there's 24 parks that are run by the township of Smithtown so we have I think more Parks than probably majority Township out there the beaches here are second to none they're they're tremendously they're really clean it's a good sales point you know when you're when you're selling a product and you're selling a town and you're selling the schools you're selling the beaches and you're selling the community the town itself I mean the town employees the the government within the town of Midtown has always been very proactive in that Community we just launched a couple years back the supervisor vecchiole rest in peace he ran this town for 40 years he has been the longest running supervisor in the entire country the Ed who worked on just came in has done a tremendous job and proactively working a lot of Redevelopment in the town I think it's important for us as our businesses being Realtors to understand what goes on in the community and why people want to come here and more importantly educate people with like what's what what are the things that what does this town have to offer yeah you know obviously you have great restaurants Chop Shop here has been phenomenal um but you want to educate more about the community and the towns and and what the town has to offer you if I can leave this conversation with you if I can leave you better than how you met me I did something positive and if I think if the world could do that for each other it's just to be a better place to live so I'm noticing a trend with um a lot of people in the real estate industry and I respect it because I've never gotten the opportunity to know the real estate people on this level as much as I have while doing the show and I can honestly say that you guys like impact is so important for you like it's it's it's about also yes serving people because you're helping people buy and sell homes yeah it comes with the territory but also walking away from it with impact knowing that you made a difference right and sometimes an impact could be I mean in fact you want to be better but in situations and not just myself but many of us as English you become people sounding bored you become the psychology psychiatrist um and you know who's dying whose mother's dying who's um you know we deal with a lot of things from day to day and the more personal you get on a client Yeah the more real the relationship comes and that's my try to establish is a real tight relationship I don't if I had a client call me now needed something and have to leave here and take care of it because that's how you know it was just brought up yeah well Paul this conversation was really nice I'm so glad we got a chance to chat yes yes I'm so glad I got to know you yes and I'm really looking forward to the things that um that you're working on right now and also just uh maybe we can have you again on the show oh my God I love it I loved it I appreciate it I really appreciate it it was great chatting with you and I appreciate the opportunity of working with you um it's uh it's good to know you got to sometime in the chat with prior to the starting so I'm glad I got to know more more about you thank you so much thank you for having me so thank you um to chop shop for having us right awesome food guys awesome food Thumbs Up Guys double thumbs up this thing was amazing you guys have to go we're gonna we're gonna inhale with food because my soup's getting cold yeah we really appreciate it yeah appreciate you guys here yeah thank you guys for watching don't forget if you enjoyed this episode then make sure you subscribe to the channel you give us a thumbs up and you also drop a comment down below and we'll see you next time on tasting New York peace tasting

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